Add music to your messages

Share clips of your favorite songs in texts and social posts


Say it with a song

Songclip is the new way to send quick music messages in texts and social posts by attaching 5-30 seconds of popular songs to your videos, photos, GIFs, and emojis.

You’ll find all your favorite songs and artists in Songclip’s extensive licensed music library to say exactly what you want with music!


Partnered with the music industry

In partnership with the music labels–Universal, Warner, Sony–and the music publishers, Songclip’s proprietary database of popular music clips is fully compliant and licensed.

Songclip’s 5-30 second music clips provide a new byte-sized format for the music industry that drives global monetization and streaming consumption in support of the music industry.


Promote your music with Songclip

Songclip has worked with popular music artists to build promotional campaigns in support of their new releases, with fans creating shareable musical messages for promotion across social media.

In partnership with iHeartRadio, Songclip is offering popular music artists free national radio spots to support new singles across iHeartRadio’s 850+ stations and 250MM monthly listeners.


Launch music clips with Songclip’s API

Songclip is the world’s only patented music messaging API platform, making it easy for social and digital companies to offer fully-licensed popular music clips as a feature.

Songclip manages all the complexities of offering music on any mobile and digital platform, including licensing and reporting.

Social and digital platforms can drive higher engagement by offering byte-sized popular music as a new way for your users to express themselves!