Add popular music clips to your platform

Songclip is the world’s only patented music messaging API platform, making it easy for social and digital companies to offer fully-licensed popular music clips as a feature.


Launch fully-licensed music as a feature

The Songclip platform and API makes it easy for social and digital platforms to add music as a feature and access our massive database and search engine of fully-licensed byte-sized popular music clips.

By offering byte-sized popular music as a feature, you can provide a new way for your users to engage and express themselves on your platform.



The Songclip API is an easy music solution

Songclip makes it easy for you to offer music on any mobile and digital platform by managing all the complexities including music licensing and reporting. Our robust platform and API gives you instant access to: 

  • Meta Tagging

  • Search

  • Learning

  • Time Stamping

  • Songclip database and CMS



Increase Engagement

The rise of social posts with audio and visuals such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories demonstrate that consumers want to create and consume richer forms of communication.

Enhanced features like Instagram Stories include the ability to add music, making for richer forms of expression.



Increase Revenue

Music is a natural fit for expanded revenue opportunities including in-app purchases, advertising, and e-commerce via streaming services, ticketing, and merchandise.

Music clips added as a feature in social and digital experiences can become the top of the funnel for music discovery and purchase–leading to increased revenues.