Introducing Songclip™


The new music filter for texts, photos, videos, GIFs, emojis and more.


One API.
All the Songclips.

The Songclip API is the industry solution to seamlessly integrate licensed 5-30 second popular music clips into your social platforms, mobile apps and virtual marketplaces. The Songclip API delivers fully compliant, byte-sized popular songs to you, powering features to enhance your user experience, drive engagement and revenue, and make everything more fun.


Industry Supported.
Artist Promoted.


Songclip manages all the legal music clearances, back-end reporting, and payments to the music industry. Songclip has direct relationships with emerging and well-known music artists across all genres and can promote your Songclip API integrations through its marketing partnership with iHeartMedia.


Proprietary API.
Multiple Use Cases.


Songclip for Keyboards

Expressions communicated on keyboards have evolved from smiley faces with punctuation marks, to emojis, GIFs and more. There is a massive opportunity to bring sound to this otherwise silent form of expression, which is why the Songclip Video API integration is the perfection solution for pairing the most expressive visuals with the best Songclip audio files.


Songclip for Messaging Apps

Deepen conversations and personal connections with Songclip Audio Files and Songclip Videos that best convey feelings, emotions, greetings, timeliness and moments.


Songclip for Sticker Markets

Songclip Stickers offer a massive opportunity to bring sound and additional revenue to the already booming multi-billion dollar sticker business. The Songclip team can create bespoke sticker packs featuring the top songs and visuals to say “I Love You,” “Let’s Party,” and so much more.


Songclip for Photo and Video Galleries

Soundtrack life's best moments with the music that makes it most memorable. With the Songclip Audio API for photo and video galleries, users can browse and find Songclip Audio Files from every genre and decade, or search by lyric to contextualize each photo. Our Songclip Audio Files range from 5-30 seconds so users have the flexibility in mixing and matching shorter and longer clips to best fit the duration of their digital photo and video creations.


Songclip for Cameras

Songclip's Audio API allows users to record themselves in true sing-along fashion, or add Songclip Audio Files to their photos to capture and convey every moment. Songclip’s robust search engine allows users to search by lyric, artist, title, genre or expression for the perfect picture (or video) pairing.


Songclip for Dating Apps

According to one of the most popular dating apps, 38% of users prefer their ideal match to be into music over sports, movies, and books. Songclip’s searchable "love" and "flirt" music catalogues are the perfect use case for breaking the ice or bonding over one's love for the Beastie Boys.


Songclip for Social Platforms

Whether your social platform is used for expression, creation, connection or current events, the Songclip Audio API functions as an all encompassing audio filter that can be combined with texts, photos, videos, GIFs, emojis and more.


Songclip for Streaming

The Songclip API offers a rich and robust solution for discovering, sharing and messaging music from any streaming platform. All Songclip messages contain a deep link to drive consumers back to your streaming service.




Patented Technology.
Proprietary Search.



Songclip analyzed millions of songs to find the best parts, clipping and tagging each one so that they can be indexed with advanced search features, and giving your users recommended songs by mood and expression.


Songclip has built the tech to allow for curation by top expressions with the most iconic music, curated by emotion, current events, and genre.



One Platform.
Two Formats.


The Songclip Audio API delivers fully licensed 5-30 second segments of songs that can be messaged or attached to the digital assets people send and share, including videos, photos, GIFs, stickers, and emojis.


The Songclip Video API delivers the same meta-tagged audio files combined with an amazing collection of animated GIFs and videos to provide a curated, expressive audio visual experience.


Increase Revenue

Music is a natural fit for expanded revenue opportunities including in-app purchases, advertising, and e-commerce via streaming services, ticketing, and merchandise.

Music clips added as a feature in social and digital experiences can become the top of the funnel for music discovery and purchase–leading to increased revenues.


Increase Engagement

The rise of social posts with audio and visuals such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories demonstrate that consumers want to create and consume richer forms of communication.

Enhanced features like Instagram Stories include the ability to add music, making for richer forms of expression.