The Power of Songclip

In support of the music industry, Songclip's short popular music clips are a new high-margin format built for messaging.


Music clips built for messaging

Songclip is built for consumers and represents the latest evolution of music media formats.

For the first time, with Songclip’s byte-sized database of 5-30 seconds of the most popular songs, music can match the real-time rhythm of messaging and be included as a type of content being shared.

Songclip makes music a participant in the massive messaging economy, leveraging the trillions of texts and social posts shared each year to drive a completely new revenue stream for the music industry.



Integrating Songclip everywhere

With its easy-to-use API, Songclip can integrate popular music clips everywhere including messaging and social platforms, mobile devices and apps, and streaming services.

As a result, popular music clips can be distributed to millions of consumers, driving increased fan engagement, streaming, and monetization.


Messaging & Social Platforms

Songclip can integrate with messaging and social platforms, making it easy for fans to share music clips, and providing music labels with free user-generated promotion.


Mobile Devices & Apps

Songclip can be integrated into mobile devices and apps to be pre-loaded onto hundreds of millions of mobile devices, reaching a highly engaged mobile and global audience.


Streaming Music Services

Via deep links in shared Songclip messages, Songclip sends users to streaming services increasing engagement and revenues for the music industry.


Unlock new revenue with Songclip

By integrating music clips into a variety of platforms, Songclip can help increase music industry monetization through a wide variety of business models on a massive scale. Contact us to learn more.