Frequently Asked Questions

What types of licenses do I need to add music to my app?
Who issues the rights I need?
How do I obtain these rights?
Who owns a song?
How can Songclip help simplify this process?
How long will this take and how much will it cost me?
When should I secure my licenses?
What happens after a deal is in place with the rights holders?
What’s the difference between licensing music in the US vs. the World?
Can my users clip their own clips?
Can Songclip license full songs?
Can I choose the duration of clips available to users in my app?
What territories do you cover?
What’s the process for working with Songclip?
Where is your API Documentation?
Is Songclip always a white-label solution, regardless of the pricing tier?
What trending music / Billboard Hot 100 music do you offer in each of your pricing tiers?
Can my users share Songclip music clips to other social media platforms?
How many songs are available in each tier?
Does Songclip offer customized pricing plans or music content offerings?
Why can’t we get all the music that TikTok has?
Is there a deposit?
Are there any unforeseen fees or charges?
How fast can we get licensed music in our app?
What is the customer experience like?
How close to launch do we need to be to secure licensed music?
I can’t find an artist or song when I search for it?
What do you mean that Songclip has “true” pass-through licensing?
Will I need to involve our legal team?

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