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Social Platform

Problem: With music being an integral part of social media, Fanbase launched their social media platform to empower creators and quickly decided they needed music…and fast!

Solution: Songclip secured a launchable library of music for Fanbase in a few quick months with popular tracks from major labels and publishers. FLICKZ, one of Fanbase’s most popular features enables content creators to add their favorite tracks to their posts and creations.

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Fanbase App Mobile Image
Fanbase App Mobile Image
Mark Wachen CEO of Cardnacks Image

“Working with Songclip has been fantastic. Licensing music is usually incredibly complex, but Songclip makes it simple.”

- Mark Wachen, CEO of Cardnacks

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Greeting Cards

Problem: CardSnacks, a mobile-first greeting card app, was looking for ways to expand premium features for their subscription offering. CardSnacks’ CEO is an ex-music industry veteran, and naturally thought commercial music might do the trick!

Solution: Songclip obtained all necessary licenses for CardSnacks and our test period grew into an annual partnership. To date, Songclip provides music clip playlists for seasonal holidays and events that pair well with greeting cards on CardSnacks’ most trafficked days. Since implementing Songclip in 2020, CardSnacks has seen consistent, steady subscriber growth. Send your first music e-card today!

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Cardsnacks App Mobile Image
Adam Gardener CEO of Lyritext Image

“It would be a monumental, if not impossible, task for an individual to secure music licensing rights, given the number of artists, management companies, record labels, publishers and others involved in ownership.”

- Adam Gardener, CEO of Lyritext


Gaming / Dance

Problem: Having successfully launched another music company that required a different set of rights, DanceFight was able to attain one direct license from a major label, but needed to expand the breadth of their catalog, obtain publishing rights and establish a reporting solution.

Solution: Songclip helped DanceFight obtain all additional necessary licenses, built a custom feed to support the terms of their direct license and provided a scrubber tool so users can clip the part of the song they want to use. Songclip is excited to expand our partnership internationally with DanceFight this year. Download DanceFight here.

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DanceFight App Mobile Image
DanceFight App Mobile Image

“Clips are a foundational asset class that drive multiple new revenue streams for artists and their music.”

- Andy Blacker, CEO of Songclip

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Problem: Lyritext is a music messaging app that came to concept six years ago. After many failed attempts to connect with the appropriate rights-owners to develop, license and launch, Lyritext met Songclip.

Solution: Within a year, Songclip negotiated, aided in development and licensed the first music messaging app in September 2021. Lyritext is available for iOS Devices here.

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 Hannah Donovan CEO of TRASH Image

“Songclip gave us the credibility of licensed music, which helped to enable our acquisition by VSCO”

- Hannah Donovan, CEO of TRASH


Photo / Video

Problem: TRASH App wanted to provide users the ability to enhance their videos with their favorite music. As a start-up, direct licensing costs were too timely and expensive.

Solution: Songclip curated a library of music for TRASH for their end users that fit within their budget, in order to enable users to add music to their video edits and creations. A few months after implementing Songclip, TRASH was acquired by VSCO, and referred to Songclip as an important element to their competitive advantage over other photo/video editing apps being considered for acquisition.

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Trash App Mobile Image
Trash App Mobile Image

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