The Songclip API is a solution, introducing a new format that’s bringing music to new places.




Songclip is the world’s only patented music messaging platform, making it easy for social and digital companies to offer fully-licensed popular song clips as a feature.


Music Reimagined.

The Songclip API is powering the evolution of digital music.

In 2018, music consumption grew 16.2% over 2017, which already showed a 12.8% increase over 2016.

But since before vinyl through this age of streaming, the song has always remained the same. Roughly 3-5 minutes long.

There is a clear growing demand for music, and we are offering a new means for its consumption.


The Unstoppable Rise of Music Streaming


The Songclip API introduces a new music format that isn’t just about streaming. This is music as a filter. As a means of expression.


Content Enhanced.

More than ever, people are creating content to share across the vast landscape of social media.

The rise of social posts with audio and visuals such as Instagram Stories demonstrate that consumers want to create and consume richer forms of communication.

Consumers crave enhanced features like the ability to add music, because music makes for better content. But licensing music is tricky. That’s why we took care of it for you.


Instagram Story User Growth


The Songclip API makes music a meaningful part of the content created by delivering fully compliant clips that can be attached to videos, images, GIFs and more.


Messaging Evolved.

Text is the single most used feature on a smartphone.

On average, American adults send and receive 32 texts per day. That’s 6.5 trillion texts every year.

An impressive number, especially when you consider that SMS messages sent have been decreasing as other messaging platforms have grown. WhatsApp alone delivers billions of additional messages a month and are showing no signs of slowing down.

But music has long been notably absent from this massive behavior of messaging. Until now.


Number of WhatsApp messages send each day


The Songclip API makes music part of the conversation by serving byte sized song clips built for quick communications.


Align with artists and brands.


 Artists and musicians are always looking for new ways to engage with fans, promote music, and drive streams.  With the Songclip API comes an opportunity to bring artists and their fan bases to your platform. Soncglip can facilitate promotional deals with artists... Incorporate the iHeart part, radio spots with artist…

By integrating with the Songclip API and including licensed music on your platform, that opens up your platform to working with brands and advertisers. Brands are looking for creative ways to incorporate music into digital campaigns, align with artists for promotion, and target new audiences. expanded revenue opportunities, brand dollars