A new music format for social messaging

Songclip music messages are the easiest, fastest and most effective way to drive music consumption, by providing a new music format built specifically for texting, social posts, and quick communication.


Promote with Songclip

Songclip provides a simple solution for music fans to search, discover and share 5-30 second clips of their favorite songs across all social and messaging platforms.

Songclip music messages include song title and artist attribution with a deep link to streaming services to drive more streams and free promotion of your songs.



Amplify your social imprint

With Songclip, you can empower your fans to be your loudest voice across messaging and social.

By sharing Songclip calls-to-action with your fans, they will create Songclip messages featuring your music which they can share in their texts and social posts.


Get your custom Songclip promotion

Songclip will create bespoke music promotion campaigns around singles, albums, and tours. Some examples include artist pages, contests, artist takeovers, content creation, engagement campaigns, experiential campaigns and more.



Promote your music on iHeart Radio

Working in partnership with iHeartMedia, Songclip has premiere access to tools reaching millions of music fans across traditional and digital media to further amplify and enhance Songclip artist campaigns.  

Contact us to learn more about Songclip’s iHeart partnership and submit your artist for free radio air time!